The Buyers


Russel "Holly" Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss"

Lisa Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss Lady"


Holly and Lisa pilot this good ship Alpine, but they know that the wind in her sails comes from the hard work of their outfitters and their support staff.  Take a moment to get to know your local outfitters and sneak a peak past the "Employees Only" door to meet the buyers, marketers and other behind the scenes characters.  Choose a category below:








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Angela Roam

Camping / Climbing Buyer


Alpiner Since: 2007


Bonus: Graduated from University of Missouri in Fisheries & Wildlife


What's Your Passion? I enjoy fishing, paddle boarding and gardening. Also observing wildlife is a hobby of mine.


My parents got me started with fishing and gardening when I was a small child. 


Paddle boarding I started thanks to the Alpine Shop!


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  Currently...Minnesota


Favorite Book: Any Dan Brown book


Favorite Gear: I swear by Eagle Creek Pack-It accessories when traveling. They help keep everything organized and easy to locate. Plus if TSA has to check your bag you can rest easy knowing all your items won't fall out all over the place!


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Annie Wardenburg

Buyer's Assistant


Alpiner Since: 2016


What's Your Passion? I love hiking and camping and snorkeling. I recently went whitewater rafting for the first time in 20 years and now I'm trying to figure out how incorporate that into every vacation I take.


What is your Dream Adventure? My dream adventure is to snorkel in Hawaii.


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  Close to home, nothing clears my head like a walk through Queeny Park. I also worked as a park ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park so that is a place that's near and dear to my heart.


Favorite Book: "The Ruins" by Scott Smith


Favorite Gear: Eagle Creek packing cubes and folders.



Tom Williams

Buyer's Assistant - That Guy

Alpiner Since: 2018

What's Your Passion? Getting outdoors and capturing amazing photos is what dives me to hike. There was a point where I decided to try and get everything I could out of my phone camera and that grew into shooting film and digital photography.

What is your Dream Adventure? Sailing from California to Hawaii.

Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  Castlewood State Park is one of my favorite spots in the St. Louis area. The view from the bluffs takes you farther from the city then you are.

Favorite Book: The series Song of Ice and Fire.

Favorite Gear: Free Fly