The Web Bio's


Russel "Holly" Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss"

Lisa Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss Lady"


Holly and Lisa pilot this good ship Alpine, but they know that the wind in her sails comes from the hard work of their outfitters and their support staff.  Take a moment to get to know your local outfitters and sneak a peak past the "Employees Only" door to meet the buyers, marketers and other behind the scenes characters.  Choose a category below:






Kara Noeth

Web Master / E-Commerce Manager

Alpiner Since: 2012


Dream Adventure: Everywhere I haven't been yet! Starting with Costa Rica to see the rain forests and secret beaches, probably New Zealand next, and then Egypt, Ireland, backpacking in Europe, Thailand, and, well, everywhere!


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:" I love getting out and exploring all our local trails. St. Francois State Park and Mastadon are my favorite local trails. There's also nothing like digging for crystals in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. 


Secret Hobby: Monster Making - Special Effects 


Favorite Book: "Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams


Favorite Gear:


Caleb Siler

E-commerce Assistant 

Alpiner Since: 2017


What is Your Passion? Fishing, and just generally being around water. I got started with my father, who has been taking me fishing since I can remember so it has a very fond place in my heart.


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:" Potato Lake and Big Sand Lake in Park Rapids MN. I also really enjoy Bull Shoals Lake in AR.


Favorite Book: Anything by Charles Bukowski, or Neil Gaiman


Favorite Gear: Yeti