Operations Team


Russel "Holly" Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss"

Lisa Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss Lady"


Holly and Lisa pilot this good ship Alpine, but they know that the wind in her sails comes from the hard work of their outfitters and their support staff.  Take a moment to get to know your local outfitters and sneak a peak past the "Employees Only" door to meet the buyers, marketers and other behind the scenes characters.  Choose a category below:










Janice Slover

Controller - Accounting, Inventory, Human Resources, & Payroll


Alpiner Since: 1996


What's Your Passion? Outdoor Photography


What is your Dream Adventure? Some where I haven't been.


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  My own backyard


Favorite Book: "Montana Sky" by Nora Roberts


Favorite Gear: Patagonia



Donna Schott

Accounting Assistant


Alpiner Since: 2000


What's Your Passion? Hiking, camping and sailing


What is your Dream Adventure? Bareboat sailing in the Caribbean


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  It varies, right now Skagway, AK


Favorite Book: Gone with the Wind


Favorite Gear: Patagonia



Tyler Buchholz

Controller's Assistant


Alpiner Since: 2014


What's Your Passion? I wasn't the most outdoorsy person when I started here, but I am getting to love it more and more. Camping is currently my passion, but I am going to be pursuing paddling as my next hobby.


What is your Dream Adventure? I would love to take time to travel and backpack through Europe. The Black Forest is at the top of my list.


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  Having lived in Michigan for a few years when I was younger, I really enjoy the area around Lake Michigan. The UP, and Sleeping Bear Dunes are also great places to get outside yourself. Especially as an escape from Midwestern muggy summers.


Favorite Book: Either the Lord of the Rings trilogy or Silmarillion, I can't remember how many times I've read those books. Self proclaimed Tolkien nerd here.


Favorite Gear: Oboz makes some amazing boots and shoes!



Todd Trabue

Accounts Payable

Alpiner Since: 2013

What's Your Passion? Hiking and Kayaking

What is your Dream Adventure? South Island of New Zealand

Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:

  • Locally - Pickle Springs State Park
  • Nationally - Redwood Forest

Favorite Book: Go, Dog, Go - yes, I have a 1 year old

Favorite Gear: Oboz 


Kevin Boukaert

Senior Computer Technician


Alpiner Since: 2003


What's Your Passion? Technology is my passion. As far as being outdoors, trips with the family to parks, beaches (when possible), floating and camping.


What is your Dream Adventure? World Tour. All eight wonders and then some.


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  The mountains


Favorite Book: Marvel/Image Comics


Favorite Gear: GoPro


Isabel Greene

Systems Administrator


Alpiner Since: 2016


What's Your Passion? FPV drones. Flying around outside at interesting locations filming footage.

What is your Dream Adventure? To travel through space and visit the many places in the world.


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  Parks and other recreation spots.


Favorite Book: Most things sci fi or fantasy.


Favorite GearYeti


Katie White

Visual Merchandise Manager


Alpiner Since: 2015


What's Your Passion? I love anything that gets me out of the house! My favorite activities are definitely hiking, climbing, and canoeing. Climbing is something I didn't get into until I 20, but it's by far one of my favorite activities - the rush you feel when you push your body to the max and top out on a hard route, best feeling there is!


What is your Dream Adventure? One of my dreams is to climb the spires at the Garden of the Gods in CO. The first time I went, I saw a group of climbers getting their gear out and ready for their ascent and I was instantly hooked! 


Out of country though, I think SE Asia has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. I'd love to backpack through the countries and experience the culture and land at its purest.


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:"  My favorite place to go close to home is my family's stilt house on the Big River. I've been going there since I was a kid, so it's a comforting place with some of my favorite memories. It helps that there's a beach just across the river and the drive down is all hilly, winding back roads.


Favorite Book: The Count of Monte Cristo - who doesn't love an epic revenge story?


Favorite Gear: As lame as this is, I love our socks!! It's really fun when you get to put a customer into their first pair of really nice socks and hear them say "Ooh! These feel so nice!" My favorite brand overall is FITS because they fit my narrow feet extremely well, but Smartwool makes my two favorites socks of all time: the Popcorn Cable (SO CUTE) and the PHD Hunt (So cozy and the ultimate hiking sock)