Kirkwood, Mo Bio's


Russel "Holly" Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss"

Lisa Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss Lady"


Holly and Lisa pilot this good ship Alpine, but they know that the wind in her sails comes from the hard work of their outfitters and their support staff.  Take a moment to get to know your local outfitters and sneak a peak past the "Employees Only" door to meet the buyers, marketers and other behind the scenes characters.  Choose a category below:


Angie Bono

Store Manager  - Head Reindeer in Charge - Certified Pedorthist and the shoe guru. AKA: The BOSS!

Alpiner since: 1999

Bonus: Certified Pedorthist and Joy Coordinator

Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:" Cave Springs on the Current River or anywhere she can take her three Schnauzers (WolfieBoo Ninny, and Dirty Gerty) to go Morel hunting.

Secret Hobby: Making eclectic "wind chimes"

Favorite Book: "The Stand" by Steven King

Favorite Gear:





Eric Evans

Assistant Manager  - Kirkwood Events Coordinator - SUP & Kayak Instructor

Alpiner since: 2014


  • Completed MR340 Twice
  • ACA certified Kayak Instructor

Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:" I love to paddle smaller rivers and my favorite hike is Hawn State Park, but the Lewis and Clark Trails are a close second.

What's Your Passion? My passions in life are many!  Music is probably first as far as activities go.  I've been playing bass guitar since I was 13 years old.  I've played in several bands and have travelled all over the country playing music.  I can thank my brothers for getting me into playing at a young age.  The three of us actually had a band together for a while, which was really special to me.  I also have a love for paddling.  Any kind really, but I prefer kayaking, canoeing, and SUPing (especially with my daughter).  I like to hike all over in pretty much any weather.

Favorite Book: "Scar Tissue" by Anthony Kiedis

Favorite Gear:


Teri Rudelic

Assistant Manager in charge of operations

Alpiner since: 2015

Bonus: Competed and finished in the MR340 for the last 2 years!

Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:" Believe it or not my favorite place to "Get Outside Myself" is my 4 mile trek to and from work. I love getting up early to walk to work and unwinding at the end of the day walking home.

Where'd  you learn to love the outdoors? I am from Louisville (Lou-a-vul), KY. I grew up one mile from Churchill Downs but spent weekends and vacations on the Ohio River at our cabin in Hanover, IN.

What do you do when you're not "getting outside yourself'? I love reading, cooking and spending time with my family and 8 grandkids.

Favorite Book: "Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurty

Favorite Gear:


Cathy Blaies

Inventory Specialist

Alpiner since: 2013

Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself": The Cedar Mesa region of Southeast Utah. "The first time I experienced the high desert region of Utah I was hooked. The colors, the big open skies, the smell of sage and pinon pine..."

What's your passion?  My passion is being in and sharing the outdoors with my friends and family. Whether I'm in my backyard or ona trail in Utah I love taking pictures, especially close up work. My lifelong passion of all things "outdoors" began with my Dand and Grandpa. My love for photography was a way for me to share my adventures with them. 

Favorite Book: My favorite collection of books is from author Nevada Barr. Best known for her Anna Pigeon series of mystery novels set in national parks in the United States.

Favorite Gear:


Marcus Miller

Assistant Manager 

Alpiner since: 2015

Bonus: Former Wilderness First Responder

What's your passion? My passion would have to be Mountain Biking, Skiing, and Back Country Camping.  I engage in all of these activities at least once a year.  My brother moving to Colorado almost 10 years and me visiting all the time got me into the Mountain type activities.  Also, a family trip to Lake Tahoe in the winter starting around the same time  really got me into skiing.  I enjoy being outside and having a job that revolves around that.  Learning and engaging with all the different outdoor brands is a great interest to me.    

Where'd  you learn to love the outdoors? I am from Ballwin, Missouri, a small township within St. Louis County.  I have access to great mountain biking in the area with places including but not limited to Castlewood State Park, Greensfelder Conservation Area, and the Zombies Trail at Rock Hollow.

Favorite Book: Arc'teryx brand catalog ;)

Favorite Gear:


Beth Rutledge

Accessories Area Coordinator - Outfitter - Supplier of Supreme Baked Goods

Alpiner since: 2012

Bonus: Scout leader for 17 years 

Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself:" My absolute favorite place to hike is in Colorado but, around here, I think my favorite long hike is at Hawn State Park. It almost feels like Colorado with the pines and the rock.

What's your passion? I like resetting my soul in the outdoors. It sometimes takes a really long hike to get my psyche back to a normal level. I also like kayaking but am by no means an expert!

What do you do when you're not "getting outside yourself'? I am a musician by education and still teach private flute and classical voice lessons. I also do stained glass, quilting and sew.

Favorite Book: "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë

Favorite Gear:

  • I love almost all things Columbia in clothing. They are cut to fit real people - not just a very select super fit few.

Deb Griffen

Warehouse Merchandiser - Outfitter

Alpiner since: 2016

How do you "Get Outside Yourself? My husband and I love to geocache. I have found over 3,000 of them and have hidden 17. Geocaching is great, it keeps you outdoors and takes you to places you might not go otherwise.

Favorite Book: Any books about different destinations

Favorite Gear:


Sye Shah

Area Coordinator - Outfitter

Alpiner since: 2015

Bonus: Knows 9 different languages

What's your passion? Love to hike, basketball, mostly spending time with my kids. Originally from Wilmington North Carolina, obviously love the beach and great seafood.

What's your favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself? The Blue Ridge Parkway.

Favorite Book: "Touching the Void" by Joe Simpson

Favorite Gear:


Sean Bailey

Outfitter - Ski Tech

Alpiner since: 2016


  • Eagle Scout
  • Year long NOLS experience

Where'd  you learn to love the outdoors? I have been passionate about the outdoors ever since I was a kid. My father would take my brother and I to our farm property in Kirksville Missouri where we would fish and camp. From there I went on to become a Boy Scout which set the groundwork for my future outdoor endeavors. After completing my Eagle Scout I took off freshman year of college and participated in a year long NOLS course in Patagonia Chile. I enjoy backpacking and camping as I try to “Get Outside” as much as possible. I am also an avid duck hunter. There is nothing like a cold Missouri sunrise in a duck blind during the fall and winter season. When I get the chance to hit the slopes I also love skining and snowboarding on fresh snow in the mountains with my brother and friends.

What's your dream adventure? So I have a few adventurous  buddies that I grew up with in high school and have always wanted to take a trip with them. We’ve talked about doing the Appalachian trail together in the future, and I think down the road that could be a badass trip to do with the boys.

Favorite Book: “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikalesen

Favorite Gear:

  • I am a big fan of our Arc’teryx gear that we sell in the shop. I fell in love with their technical and lifestyle clothing ever since my purchase of the Beta AR jacket. The thing is bullet proof and did an amazing job holding up while bushwhacking for multiple weeks in the rough terrain of Patagonia. After being impressed with the Beta AR, I had to grab the Atom LT as well and that has done just as good of a job.

Jacob Trost

Camp Area Coordinator - Outfitter - Bagpipe Extraordinaire

Alpiner since: 2017


  • Wilderness First Aid Certified
  • Harley-Davidson Technicion
  • Soon to be father

What's your passion? My passion is photography, and with that backpacking. It all started when my mother gave me her Pentax K1000 when I was a kid. Add to that the fact that my parents took me on all sorts of travels even around the world. Specifically my mother. So I'd like to say she's the reason I'm an adventure junkie and photographer.

What's your favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself? Far away from city environments. Where wildlife outnumbers people. Where human activity is minimal or non-existent. Backpacking tends to coincide with photography pretty well. So I like to get out on foot, bushwhack through the Superior National Forest, hiking the SHT or OT, or rock hop an Ozark river and get off the beaten path to clear the head and find the shot. No cell service and no light pollution is a must.

Favorite Book: "In the Heart of the Sea" by Nathaniel Philbrick

Outdoor Meet-up Groups:


Favorite Gear:


Joe Stryjewski

Bike Mechanic - All-around good guy

Alpiner since: 2005


  • Two Time, Undefeated Castlewood 8-Hour adventure Race Family Division Champion
  • Top 20 In The C Race Of A Dirt Crit
  • Two Time, Undefeated SIUC Intramural Canoe Race Champion
  • WEA Certified Outdoor Expedition Leader
  • Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Outdoor Recreation

What's your favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself? Bash Bish Falls

Favorite Book: "The Stinky Cheese Man" by Scieszka

Outdoor Meet-up Groups:

  • If you use trails in the St.Louis area you should belong to GORC. They build and maintain the trails that all types of users use and enjoy. Plus they're pretty nice people.

Favorite Gear:

  • I think everyone should be wearing SuperFeet in all of their shoes. 

Elizabeth Dugger

Snowsports / Hardgoods Coordiator - Outfitter

Alpiner since: 2018

What's your favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself? Anything in Colorado, weather its trying a new run at a ski resort or backpacking up a trail to summit a 14er.

Favorite Book: "The Last Valentine"

What is your Passion?:

  • Skiing and Snowboarding is my passion I love talking to people about the mountains and where they will be riding. I also camp, hike, and do a little backpacking doing various trails out in CO. I also Road cycle and mountain bike, and when I get the chance I go kayaking with Alpine Shop.

Favorite Gear:


Deb Mack

Men's Area Coordinator

Alpiner since: 2018


  • Former Girl Scout that still empowers and drives girls and young women to step into leadership roles

What's your favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself? Usually in my garden.

Dream Adventure: A long vacation in Banff. Maybe a couple of weeks to get lost in the mountains.

Favorite Book: I love maps, especially old ones.

Favorite Gear: Columbia and Kuhl


Peggy King

Women's and Kids' Area Coordinator

Alpiner since: 2017

What's your favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself? My favorite place to “Get Outside Myself” is the Pacific Northwest.  I love the mountains, the giant conifers, the ferns and wildflowers and mushrooms.  

Dream Adventure: My husband has a dream adventure in the planning for our retirement.  We hope to get a boat and follow the loop, which is a fair weather route south to the Keys, up the Atlantic coast to the Great Lakes and back to Missouri for the Fall.

Favorite Book: My go-to answer to my favorite book has always been The Lord of the Rings.  But I’m also a member of a lively book club and read a lot.
My current favorite book is “The Overstory” by Richard Powers. It is enlightening!

Favorite Gear: Too hard.  I like pieces from all our brands.  But currently, my favorite thing is Toad & Co’s Earthworks Pants.  


Angie Carter

Cashier / Paddle Instructor

Alpiner since: 2012

What's your favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself? Any river or lake. My new favorite river is the Big Piney and we also love camping and fishing at Council Bluffs.

Dream Adventure: I really want to go to the Boundary  Waters with my boys for at least two weeks. Im also dreaming of Alaska.

Favorite Book: Margarette Atwood "Cat's Eye"

Favorite Gear: I love the Jackson boats, we have a fleet of them at home. Also digging Yakima products, Jaylows and I'm dreaming of an EasyRider utility trailer. I also like Patagonia, Toad and Co., Ten Tree and Fits socks.