The Pathfinder Bios


Russel "Holly" Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss"

Lisa Hollenbeck

Owner, aka "Boss Lady"


Holly and Lisa pilot this good ship Alpine, but they know that the wind in her sails comes from the hard work of their outfitters and their support staff.  Take a moment to get to know your local outfitters and sneak a peak past the "Employees Only" door to meet the buyers, marketers and other behind the scenes characters.  Choose a category below:





Ben Sachs

Outfitter - Bike Mechanic - Ecology Field Technician / Ground Beetle Extrordinaire

Alpiner / Pathfinder since: 2014


What is your passion? I am a cyclist through and through. I got into maintenance and commuting during college and then sport riding after I moved back to Manhattan. 


I do a lot of gravel road races but really love cyclocross. It's fun that the same bike can be used either for 100+ mile endurance rides that are all about effcient energy use or short, high-intensity races where bike handling and acceleration are key. 


I also enjoy hiking, camping,kayaking and rock climbing. I trail run with my dog but that's more for him than for me. 


Dream Adventure: I would love to go bikepacking or touring in a place very unfamiliar to me. South America, Southeast Asia, Central Africa, somewhere along those lines. Being so far from home and supporting oneself while traveling by bike seems like a great adventure.


Outdoor GroupBike MHK Group Rides (Facebook)


Favorite Book: I grew up reading my mother's sci-fi and fantasy novels she has kept since the 70's and 80's. Phillip K Dick and Anne McCaffrey are at the top of my list, but my favorite series is probably the Kencyrath books by PC Hodgell.


Favorite Gear: Specialized Bikes



Jeremy Corn

Assistant Manager

Alpiner / Pathfinder since: 2016


What is your passion? I have a passion for travel, my family, backpacking and enjoying life. 


My uncle got me hooked on backpacking when I was in college and it's been a big part of my life ever since. Travel has always been important to my wife and I and we strive to show our daughters how big and diverse the world really is. 


Favorite place to "Get Outside Yourself": Domestically it is either backpacking in Colorado or hanging on the Central Coast of California. 


Internationally, it's a tie between Paris and Amsterdam. 


Favorite Book: "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac and "Wind, Sand and Stars" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


Favorite Gear: