March 2, 2022

Kids Stuck at Home? Outdoor Play Ideas and Products – to Help You Keep Your Sanity!

Kids Stuck at Home? Outdoor Play Ideas and Products – to Help You Keep Your Sanity!

According to the experts, parents all over the country may need to rethink group play dates, soccer games, and even local playground jungle gyms. Why?

"There is evidence corona viruses can live on plastic and metal for up to nine days," explains Dr. Asaf Bitton, a primary care physician. "We really want to be mindful about reducing … interpersonal contact and any potential spread."

Parents may want to opt for outdoor activities that are individual, like biking or hiking. If sports equipment isn't shared, and kiddos can keep more of a distance from one another, it's safer during this era of social distancing.  

We know it's not news that you ever wanted to hear. But we also know that there is plenty you and your kids can do outdoors without increasing the risk of spreading the virus to other families. We can help with our top ten suggestions and products to get you through this quarantine period. 

10 Outdoor Activities for Kids

(1) Biking 

Nothing boosts the spirits more than hopping on a bike and speeding down the trail. It's an individual sport kids can do, even during a quarantine like the one we're facing. Families can get into the fun with bike obstacle courses in a yard or park, or bike "car washes" in the backyard if it's warm enough outside. If you need a new bicycle for your child, or if you need to stock up on helmets or other supplies, we have it all in stock. 

(2) Hiking 

Hiking is another activity that allows your kids to explore nature, relieve stress, and work off some energy, all while keeping a safe distance from other children. We recommend hiking for everyone, actually, as a way to keep active during this time. At the moment, Missouri State Parks and St. Louis County Parks remain open and ready to be explored. 

(3) Outdoor Art and Games 

GSI Outdoors Freestyle Barrell Toss
GSI Outdoors Backpack Boccee

If you aren't near a park, but need to give your kids some outdoor time, consider giving them some sidewalk chalk and sending them out to the front stoop. We also recommend camping games like disc golf, or this freestyle barrel toss game available at Alpine Shop. We even have Backpack Bocce

Games like these are simple to set up and can be a lifesaver for working-at-home parents. 

(4) Become a Wildlife Expert 

Want to make outdoor time educational? Have your kids become neighborhood wildlife experts. Kids can make a list of the animals that live in the neighborhood, or become experts on plants, flowers, birds, and insects they can see around their home. 

At Alpine Shop, we offer resources and books for budding naturalists

(5) Outdoor Chores

For fans of old-school-style parenting, you could always put your kiddos to work outside, washing cars, picking up twigs, pulling weeds, or mowing the lawn. If that's not as successful as you hoped, have them raid the garage for old Amazon boxes and make a cardboard fort out of them. 

(6) Spring Gardening 

Turn those chores into something fun and educational: have your children help you plant a spring garden. With a packet of seeds and our rainy spring weather, you can watch the plants grow until we're given the all-clear to roam freely again. 

(7) Backyard Camping 

Nemo Stargaze Camp Chair

Plan a picnic or a backyard camping trip! Kids will love setting up the tent and spending time outdoors. With camping chairs and a hammock, your kids will have everything they need to stay out of your hair. You can even teach them important real-world skills, like how to build a campfire, pitch a tent, or keep away from poison ivy. One of our favorite products in our camping line is the Stargaze Camp Chair

(8) Treasure Hunts & Obstacle Courses 

If you have the patience to set it up, treasure hunts can be a lot of fun for kids. Depending on how many objects you hide around the house and in the yard, they can last a while, too. Hide 10 or 15 "treasures" and give kids clues to find them. Another option? Set up an outdoor obstacle course for kids – or, if children are old enough, have them create one themselves! 

(9) Easter Egg Hunts 

It may be early for Easter, but Easter Egg Hunts are easy outdoor activities that kids love to do over and over again. Want to make it more educational? Put vocabulary words or math problems in the eggs and make it a part of homeschooling. 

(10) Recess 

Many parents out there are suddenly discovering that they're required to be teachers, too. The good news is that even home-schoolers need recess. Get those kids outside with a jumping rope or a yoga video and make sure they're getting fresh air and exercise during the day. Ask your kids what their favorite recess games are. Together, you can come up with a list of outdoor activities and games. Setting a schedule for learning is great, but you and your kids all need breaks and playtime. 

Visit Alpine Shop Online for Outdoor Supplies and Games 

At Alpine Shop, we're experts at getting back to nature and spending time outdoors. Visit us online for a range of products. From camping tents to hiking boots, we've got you covered this spring. 

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