February 13, 2023

Canoe Be Our Valentine?

Canoe Be Our Valentine?

Who wouldn't want a hand-made Valentine, right? Now, you can show off your artistic and romantic side by giving your loved one a hand-colored, custom-made "Alpine Valentine," free for you at this link. It's just our way of asking, "Canoe Be Our Valentine?"

Alpine Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Alpine Shop. We hope you love these hand-drawn and hand-lettered Valentine's ready for you to turn into colorful expressions of your adoration.

Will you Pata-go with me?

We're pretty positive we're breaking a copyright law here somewhere, but we're going to "go" with it for now. If this photo disappears in a few days you'll know why. Hopefully, the same thing doesn't happen to your Valentine.

My love for you is

Ah, yes, a little love in the outdoors. The fresh air makes everyone just a little ... more passionately playful(?) maybe. [shrug]


You know what would be "Unbearable?" Life without you. You know what else would be "Unbearable?" Life without bears. Think about that for a second.

You make me a happy camper

For the person in your life that loves nothing more than to disappear for days at a time into the not-so-wild-wilderness with the promise of a comfy bed no matter how far they get away from home.

Love you S'more

Nothing says "I Love You" like a warm fire, some chocolate and a small morsel of pure white sugar burning into a flaming crisp when you get a little too close to the flame.

There's a metaphor there somewhere.

I'd be lost without you.

And we'd be lost without our trusty compass, too. A match made in heaven with a little bit of healthy magnetism to hold it all in place.

Canoe be my valentine?

For the river rat and boat lover in your life, nothing will get into their hearts more "rapid"ly than water-craft-themed love notes.  Get it, "Rapidly." Oh, never mind.

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