Travel Checklist



Personal Identification

Cash & Credit/ATM Card(s)

Email yourself a photo of your passport in case of emergency

Check expiration dates on Passport, Drivers License,

Credit Cards & Vehicle Registration

Health Insurance Documents

Travel Insurance Information

Reservations & Itineraries

Hotel/Tour Contact Info

Hotel Loyalty/Hostel Membership Card(s)

Transportation Tickets

Copies of Tickets / Passports / Confirmations, etc.

Emergency Information

Phrase Book, Guide Books & Maps


My Travel System

  1. Main Travel Bag (upright / backpack / duffel bag)
  2. Packing Organizers (packing folders, packing cubes)
  3. Comfort & Security Items (travel pillow, money belt, lock)
  4. Day Bag & Travel Wallet (backpack, shoulder bag)


Everyday Basics

Lightweight, easy care clothing  (men's)  (women's)

Sleep Sac/Hostel Sheets

Cell/Smart Phone & Charger & Waterproof Case

Music Player


Hat with Brim  (men's)  (women's)

Scarf  /  Bandana


Rain Jacket (men's)  (women's)  or Umbrella

Sunglasses  (men's)  (women's)

Travel/Hiking Footwear

Water Bottle or Bladder

Travel Pillow  /  Eye Shade  /  Ear Plugs

Tissues / Toilet Paper

Camera, Memory Card & Charger & Waterproof Case

Electrical Converters & Adapters

Travel Alarm

Travel Journal & Pen(s)

Address Book

Reading Material & Games

Pocket Knife (pack in checked luggage)


Lightweight Binoculars


Maintenance Items

Extra Batteries

Extra Memory Card

Sewing Kit

Clothing Care Kit/Clothesline

Duct Tape


Travel Health:  *Consult your physician re: medication needs.

Travel Health Information

First Aid Kit

Pain & Fever Relievers

Children’s Strength Pain Relievers

Cold Medicines

Diarrhea/Laxative Medicines

Antibiotic Ointment

Personal Prescriptions


Throat Lozenges

Sunscreen &Lip Balm

Sunburn Relief

Insect Repellent  /  Mosquito Net

Sting Reliever

Motion sickness bands

Personal Hygiene Items

Hand Sanitizer

Water purification system



Toiletry Kit


Toothbrush & Paste/Floss


Personal Hygiene Items

Skin Care Lotion/Creams

Shampoo & Conditioner

Scissors (pack in checked luggage)



Shaving Kit

Travel Towel

Travel Bottle Set



Before You Go - Home Checklist

Advise bank of future foreign credit card use

Have post office hold mail

Stop newspaper delivery

Arrange care of pets, lawn & plants

Pre-pay bills

Prearrange school absences for children

Empty refrigerator

Unplug appliances

Turn off heater/air conditioner

Turn down water heater

Turn off washing machine taps

Lock all doors and windows

Set up timed light system

Store valuables in a safe place

Leave house key and trip itinerary with a neighbor

Leave flight and hotel itineraries with a relative

Reconfirm/check-in online with airline

Check with homeowner’s insurance, if gone 30+ days


Download and Print a copy of the above list:

Download a PDF of Alpine Shop's Backpacking Gear ChecklistClick here to download a PDF of Alpine Shop's Traveling Gear Checklist


Download a WORD version of Alpine Shop's Backpacking Gear ChecklistClick here to download a WORD version of Alpine Shop's Traveling Gear Checklist