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550 Orange Paracord 3mm - 50ft Pack

item # A0307PC0015


  • Military-spec 550 3 mm Parachute cord with nearly boundless uses! Use as a nose tie down for your kayak on a roof rack, guy lines on your tent, gear ties for organization, replace the hanging loops on your tools, rig up a Prusik knot, make your special friend a bracelet, and that's just the beginning! A small diameter cord like this should be a part of every outdoorman's (and outdoorswoman's) kit.
  • Features:
  • 'Militray-Spec' means that this cord meets all of the rigid specifications for strength and reliability required in the 19 pages of C-5440H
  • A smooth sheath holds seven nylon strands that together make a very strong cord which can be seperated and used in survival situations
  • 3 mm Diameter
  • Minimum Break Strength is 550 lbs (5.4 kN: kiloNewtons. Harken back to physics class here, a kN represents about 225 lbs of force, not static weight) based on a 3 sigma MBS test
  • Warning: Accessory cords are not for use as lead climbing ropes.
    Materials: 100% Nylon Length: 50 ft Diameter: 3mm Diameter Minimum Break Strength: 550 lbs/2.4 kN