Ski and Board Services

All work is done by certified technicians on professional Wintersteiger equipment. We're proud to feature brand new state-of-the-art equipment this winter season! Our certified shop technicians are highly experienced and respected in their craft. Normal turn-around times vary during the season, but please expect around four days during our heaviest ski season - January and February. If you are in an absolute rush, we may be able to expedite your service for a small fee (Please note: we will do everything possible to get your work done for you precisely when you want it. However, during extremely busy weeks, this may not be possible.). All services are performed in our Kirkwood, Mo location. If you live closer to our Columbia or Chesterfield locations you can also drop them off there. If dropped off at another location it will require a couple extra days to complete the work as the items will need to be transferred. We take enormous pride in our work and in our reputation as the best ski shop in Missouri. Please contact us at with any questions or comments. Thanks!

Precision Tune

  • Professionally structured base by stone grinding
  • Base Beveled / Flattened
  • Hand Base & Side Edge Beveled /Sharpened
  • Ptex or Epoxy Repair (up to 8 inches of Ptex)
  • Hand Hot Wax
  • JUST: $69.95*

    Sharpen and Wax Basic Tune Package

  • Base Beveled/conditioned
  • Machine Base and Edge Beveled/Sharpened
  • Machine Hot Wax
  • JUST: $39.95*

    Ptex/Epoxy Base or Topsheet Repair

    For those times when the snow wasn’t perfect and you end up with damage to your gear... This service starts at $9.95 and goes up depending on what is needed to completely repair your ski or snowboard. We'll give you a quote for the damage when you come in.

    Starts at $9.95*

    Sharpen & Wax Services

  • Edge Beveled & Sharpened
  • Wide Range of Base Bevels
  • Sharpened & Polished
  • JUST: $29.95*

    Hot Wax

  • Wide Range of Temps
  • Hand Worked into Base
  • Race Polish
  • Lasts an average of 8-10 days (conditions dependent)
  • JUST: $19.95*

    Machine Wax

  • Equipment cleaned
  • Machine applied wax
  • Lasts an average of 1-3 days of skiing (conditions dependent
  • JUST: $9.95*

    Storage Wax

  • Protects from moisture and rust in off-season
  • Hand worked into base
  • Scraped prior to start of next season
  • JUST: $19.95*

    Rust Removal

    Cleans the rust off the edges, all rust must be removed before skis can be tuned

    Starts at $4.95*

    System Ski Binding Mount

  • Binding Mount
  • Function & Release Test
  • Skis purchased at Alpine Shop: Just $24.95*
    Without purchase: $39.95*

    Flat Ski Binding Mount

  • Binding Mount
  • Function & Release Test
  • Skis purchased at Alpine Shop: Just $39.95*
    Without purchase: $59.95*

    Binding Adjustment

  • Adjust your current binding mount to a new boot size (does not include flat ski remount)
  • Function & Release Test
  • JUST: $29.95*

    Function and Release Test

    Test that the binding will release at the correct pressure

    JUST: $14.95*

    Snowboard Binding Mount

    Binding Mount

    JUST: $9.95*


    Please contact us by phone at 1-888-347-8279 or by e-mail at with any questions or comments.