March 2, 2022

Alpine Shop Demo Boats for Sale

For a limited time, Alpine Shop is offering up most of our demo and blem fleet for public purchase. These boats have been used in our classes in the past, or arrived at our store with blemishes that made them un-sellable at normal retail prices.

If you are interested in taking advantage of some good deals, please click here to see the complete list of boats available. Once you see a boat that interests you, call the Kirkwood Alpine Shop at (314) 962-7715 and tell them you would like to purchase one of our demo boats. An experienced outfitter will work with you to make sure the boat meets your needs and confirm that we still have the boat on hand.

These boats are first come-first served and we do not make any guarantees of availability. We will update the list as often as we can, but we will not be making those updates in real time.

Act now if you want to grab one of these boats!

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