March 2, 2022

An Inside Look at 2020's Hottest Kayaks

An Inside Look at 2020's Hottest Kayaks

The Alpine Shop crew practiced social distancing while bringing some of the hottest boats we already have at the shop out to the water. Take a look at what some of these craft have to offer - especially if you're a fisherman, you're looking for a competitive boat for the rapidly expanding world of paddle races, or if you're looking for a fun boat that you can PEDAL as well as PADDLE.

You can find the first four of these boats on-line right now at

Perception Crank 10.0 with Pedal Drive

The Crank is the first of a new generation of easy-to-use, fast and fun pedal drive kayaks from Perception Kayaks. Its perfect for lakes, ponds and calm coastal waters. The Crank incorporates a fresh design aesthetic with incredibly comfortable ergonomics for powerful yet easy pedaling while providing ample surfaces for rigging aftermarket accessories including two Solo Mount recesses within easy reach. Featuring a new-and-improved pedal drive, this kayak pedals effortlessly, covers lots of water, and provides the ability to go forward and reverse without removing the drive from the boat. The easy-handling Crank packs a punch and opens up the water to everyone in a fun, stable and manageable package.

Jackson Big Rig HDFD

Introducing the Big Rig HDFD! One of Jackson Kayaks most popular fishing kayaks now gets the upgrades of both its HD predecessors, the Coosa HD and Cuda HD with the addition of Flex Drive pedaling power. The Flex Drive system allows for hands-free fishing, forward and reverse, with unique articulation to adapt to shallow water and obstacles.

Jackson YuPIK

Named for the native Alaskan peoples that coined the word kayak (qayaq), the Jackson YuPIK changes the very definition of versatility. Bow To Stern track systems, rigging solutions and storage pockets molded in along the entirety of the boat allows the modularity for you to rig for your adventure without limitation. Customize your fun with more room! Second seat capabilities and specialized accessories, like our new kennel cot, improves the experience for everyone. Additions like the fully trimmable seat pan, our Strap Down gear track for 360 storage security and the first ever moving standing pad system make the YuPIK the most versatile kayak on the market.

Jackson Bite FD

The top-selling Bite has gotten an upgrade! The open deck and well-designed tackle management features have come together with our latest version of the Flex Drive, the Flex Drive 3D. This nimble ride is quick and responsive, and standing to fish is fun and easy for beginners and experienced anglers alike. The Bite FD tracks well and handles windy days with ease. The new Flex Drive 3D is the product of two years of constant evolution in three key components: power, propulsion and steering. From bow to stern, the Flex Drive 3D delivers unparalleled user versatility, efficiency and convenience on the water. Designed from the water up for maximum performance, intuitive use and ease of maintenance, the Flex Drive 3D empowers anglers, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts to get closer to the action. The original Bite retails for $799. If you want the Flex Drive, the retail price is $2199.

Wilderness Systems Tempest 175

When you talk about a fast boat, you talk about a length. All things being equal, a longer boat will always be faster than a shorter boat. And when you're talking about getting into racing, like the MR340 and Alpine Shop's own Meramec Marathon, a longer boat will always give you an advantage on straight ahead speed and will generally track straight ahead more easily. The Tempest melds a 17 and a half foot total length with a bit of a rocker to help with maneuverability on top of that speed. A great boat for any one looking to take their racing to the next level. Now you won't find this beautiful 17 and a half foot boat on yet. If you're interested, please give us a call at 314-962-7715.

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