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Evolution VR9 9.8 x 60m Rope

item # EKV9010060


  • Versatile and varied, the Evolution Velocity 9.8mm dry rope is the quintessential all-rounder. Suited for both rock and ice, it's lightweight, durable, long-lasting and easy to handle.
  • Features:
  • Has just the right amount of stiffness so your rope doesn't flop during critical clips; its silky-smooth sheath withstands abrasion and slides effortlessly to reduce rope drag
  • Core treatment protects against water and dirt, increasing the durability of the rope
  • This is the rope of choice for Chris Sharma and is what he uses for working the toughest routes
  • Kernmantle design features a stretchy core protected by a durable outer sheath which combine for strength and good handling
  • Evolution Velocity 9.8mm Climbing Rope meets UIAA tests for falls, impact force and elongation
  • Available in 60m or 70m lengths
  • Sheath percentage - 35%
  • Rope Style: Dynamic
  • Rope Length:60 meters
  • Rope Diameter:9.8 millimeters
  • Impact Force: 8.8 kilonewtons
  • Dynamic Elongation: 26.4 percent
  • Static Elongation:8.6 percent
  • UIAA Falls: 6
  • Dry Treatment: Dry Core
  • Weight: 62 grams per meter