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Seirus Neofleece Headband - Unisex

item # 2660


  • Neofleece inserts are a four-layer lamination of a waterproof, breathable liner, neoprene, Thermolite™ insulation and a polyester fleece lining so you can trust us when we say your ears are safe from cruel winter winds. It may be full of technology but this headband is still soft against your skin, while being warm and lightweight. Seirus Neofleece headband is ideal for high-exertion winter sports in clear weather when a hat would be too warm.
  • Features:
  • Windproof Neofleece®& ear inserts trap air to keep you warm
  • 2 layers of 100 wt Performance Fleece™
  • Taller for more ear coverage
  • Soft, warm Performance Fleece breathes while wicking moisture
  • Fabric: Neoprene, Thermolite fleece