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Sea To Summit Bilge Pump

item # 631


  • A must have for open water Paddlers, this pump is a quick and effective way to empty water from your kayak or canoe. It is constructed to not only be effective, but to last.
  • Features:
  • High volume, double action pump extracts 14 ounces / 0.4 Liters per pump
  • Stainless steel screws to reduce corrosion
  • Anodized alloy shaft reduces wear and maintains smooth action of the pump
  • Full length high visibility foam with reflective logo aids easy recovery
  • The 18 inch length is high enough to use for single and double touring kayaks
  • Or use with canoe: a 1' ID hose can be attached to the outlet to reach over the gunwale
  • Material: Anodized alloy shaft
  • Length: 18in