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Salomon Stage Gripwalk 11 Binding - Black

item # L41464000

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  • The new Salomon Stage Gripwalk 11 Ski Bindings are aimed at lighter and younger skiers who sometimes have trouble stepping in simply because of body weight. With its best-in-class weight of only 860 grams per side, ultra-easy actuation (stepping in with a foot of powder is a snap), and a super short footprint to allow more natural ski flex, the Stage GW 11 is a clear winner for lighter women and tweens.
  • Features:
  • Back-Rollers Technology 2 rollers help stepping-in by accompanying the vertical movement, avoiding friction and resistance.
  • Polyamide Heel Housing Polyamide with glass fiber is lightweight, durable and can be painted any color.
  • Polyoxymethylene (POM) Rollers Lightweight and low friction
  • Allows Ski to Flex Naturally The ultra short footprint of the toe and heel base plates means the ski is allowed to flex more naturally.
  • Shorter Mounting Footprint Shorter base plates at both the toe and heel allow the ski to flex more naturally.
  • Easy Step In Designed with a lower step-in threshold, this binding makes it easier to step in for lightweight skier, even in powder conditions.
  • Boot Compatibility: Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), GripWalk
  • Lowest DIN: 3.5
  • Highest DIN: 11
  • Toe Piece: Automatic Wing and Toe Height Adjustment, Walk Pedal
  • Heel Piece: Back-Rollers Technology, Polyamide Heel Housing, Polyoxymethylene (POM) Rollers
  • Weight: 3.79 lbs