Paw Paw Poets

The Paw Paw Almanac and Reader

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  • A miscellany of prose, poetry, photos and illustrations from life in the American Midwest. Like a real almanac, this book is full of observations, fact tidbits, short stories, fact and fiction and some items which could possibly be true. Light reading to entertain and educate by accident. or design.
  • Features:
  • Steve L. Nagle is a Missouri native and outdoor enthusiast. Steve was president of the Missouri Parks Association for 5 years, and was involved with the River Des Peres Watershed Coalition and the Open Space Council. Now retired, he lives in Palm Desert, California, but never forgets his Missouri roots, and returns periodically to his favorite Missouri places.
  • Jo Schaper has been writing professionally and for fun since she was a child. She has been a printer, poet, caver, geologist, newspaper editor and freelance writer. She has spent her life in Missouri as an officer in numerous environmental groups associated with rocks and water, including the Missouri Speleological Survey and the Meramec River Recreation Association.
  • Authors: Steve Livingston Nagle, Jo Schaper
  • Publisher: Paw Paw Poets Publishing, 2019
  • ISBN: 1733289321, 9781733289320
  • Pages: 128 pages