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Line Ski Sick Day 88 Ski

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  • The Line Skis Sick Day 88 Skis turns any old mountain into a heap of fun. Blending a forgiving flex with a versatile waist width and Early Rise rocker for smooth turn initiation and float in deeper snow, they`re ideal for front-side skiers with back-side aspirations. Perfect for zooming the groom, hip-switching through the trees, and smashing side hits till the cows come home.
  • Features:
  • Early Rise™ Ð Tip and tail lift away from the snow to bring the contact points closer to the center of the ski. This increases a ski`s lift in deep snow and allows it to engage more quickly on hardpack.
  • Rocker Profile Ð 7mm Tip / 5mm Camber / 2mm Tail
  • Directional Flex™ Ð The softer tip floats and initiates turns easily while the stiffer tail provides power, stability and high speed control.
  • 5-Cut™ Ð Five different radiuses are blended into the ski`s sidecut. The result? A wide variety of turn shapes and an intuitive feel.
  • Early Taper™ Ð The widest part of the sidecut begins tapering earlier in the tip and tail which reduces tail hook ups in powder.
  • Thin Tip™ Ð Super thin core & sidewall in the tips are 100 grams lighter per pair for reduced swing weight & tip bounce.
  • Aspenlite™ Ð 100% Aspen wood for the lightest, most nimble feel.
  • Capwall™ Ð Combining the precision of sidewall underfoot and the lightweight, durable performance of cap in the tip, Capwall™ construction provides the best of both worlds.
  • Sintered 1.3 mm Base Ð Sintered bases reduce friction against the snow allowing for more speed, and more durability due to the high-density material they`re crafted from.
  • Hardcap TPU
  • Recommended Stance Back from Center Ð 70 mm
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  • Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain
  • Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 127 mm/88 mm/113 mm
  • Tail Profile: Partial Twin Tip
  • Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 17.4 m @ 179 cm
  • Base: Sintered 1.3 mm Base
  • Edges: 2.1 mm x 2 mm
  • Core: Wood
  • Sidewalls: Capwall™
  • Skill Range: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker