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Leki Cross Trail 3 Carbon - Women's

item # 65126452

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  • Stay light on your feet while benefitting from additional support with the lightweight Leki Cross Trail 3 Carbon trekking poles. Their 3-section configuration makes them easy to adjust and secure.
  • Features:
  • SpeedLock 2 lever locking mechanism is simple to secure, and meets the minimum holding force recommended by TUV
  • 100% high-modulus carbon shaft sections provide reliable, lightweight performance in all conditions
  • Hybrid Cross Shark grips combine the speed of the Trigger Shark system with the support of ergonomic hiking grips for additional support and comfort on descents
  • Breathable mesh straps feature a wide support area for effective power transfer and secure fit, and they release easily from the grips
  • Sweat-absorbing grips provide maximum control
  • Extended foam grips aid in traversing and climbing
  • Proprietary carbide Flextips provide secure hold on all terrain and surfaces for years of adventure, and are easily replaced in the field
  • Interchangeable basket system allows a variety of different sized Leki baskets (not included) to be easily screwed on or off for different seasons and uses
  • Material: PRC 1000 carbon, Foam Grip
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Adjustable Lengths: 35.4 inches - 49.2 in
  • Pack Size: 24.1 in