Personal Delivery


We CANNOT ship bikes or boats.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our on-line customers.

All bikes purchased on-line at must be picked up outside of the Bike Shop entrance of our Kirkwood location or will be delivered locally in the St. Louis area, according to the information below, during the COVID-19 Stay at Home Order. 

For a limited time, Alpine Shop is offering FREE local delivery within 50 miles of our Kirkwood store for oversize items like boats, bikes and racks. This means one of our outfitters will personally bring these items to your home in a safe and sanitized method. Please call us at (314) 962-7715 for more information.

  • Deliveries will be made by appointment during our regular business hours.
  • Delivery staff will sanitize all gear for you before it is loaded, wear gloves at all times when touching the boat and will also wear a facemask if they are within 12 feet of you.
  • Delivery outside of our normal service area is also available, within reason, and may require a charge. Please call for more information.

If you would like to speak to an experienced bicycle or paddle outfitter about your purchase, please call 314-962-7715.


If you place a bike or boat order online, please note:

  • As stated above, we cannot ship bikes or boats, even though our system will require you to provide a shipping address (and our website says "All items must be shipped"). 

  • All bike and boat orders will be delivered according to the rules above.

  • No shipping or in-store pick-up is available at this time for bikes or boats.
  • Once your order has been placed, someone will call you to set up delivery.



The Pathfinder is currently only offering curb-side pick-up and their inventory differs from what shows online here at Please call (785) 539-5639 to speak with someone there.