Map & Compass Basic Navigation

This class is essential for hikers, backpackers, hunters and anyone that explores the outdoors. This course will give you the basics of how to avoid getting lost and how to find your way if you do become unsure of your location.

Map & Compass 1: Navigation Basics –  This is an introductory course for using a map and compass for navigation. Class topics includes:

  • Choosing a compass
  • How to take a bearing
  • Using a compass in conjunction with a map

Instructor provides compasses, you do not need to bring your own.

Location: This class is held in our Kirkwood and Columbia, Mo., locations and at The Pathfinder in Manhattan, Kan.

Dates: To see when the class is offered, search either by the “Schedule” box below, or by scrolling through the calendar for available dates.

Time: 6–7:30 pm (weekdays) or 9–10:30 am (weekend classes)

Cost: $10 per person.

Registration: All registration is handled on-line. Once you find the date you would like to attend, click on the date to access the registration system. First, select which location you would like to attend, then select, the class. If you would like to register more than one person for the class after you are finished completing your own information, click “Add Participant” and enter the information for as many participants as you are registering.

Minimum age is 15.

Only 12 people per class.

Please note: All programs have a minimum and maximum number of participants. If a minimum number is not met, you may be contacted to possibly reschedule your class. If a maximum is met, a waitlist may start for those still interested in attending.