Kuat Innovations Sizing
  • Can you add the Trail Doc™ to the NV Core™?

    No. We know the Trail Doc ™ is super cool. But right now, the NV is the only product with the built-in Trail Doc™ repair stand. 

  • Is the 1.25” NV™ compatible with the NV Add-On™?

    No. Since class I receivers are not rated to carry the weight of both the rack and the four bikes, it is not safe to use the NV Add-On™ with the 1.25” NV™.

  • Is the NV Core™ compatible with the NV Add-On™?

    No. The NV Core™ is a pared down version of The NV™, so it doesn’t have the additional NV Add-On™ compatibility feature.

  • Where are the racks made?

    The racks are designed in Springfield, Missouri and assembled in Taiwan and China.

  • Can I use an extension?

    We do not recommend it and we’d prefer it if you didn’t. That said, for those of feel they have no choice and are going to do it anyway, a lesson for you: please use an extension that will tighten to your receiver. No matter the brand or model of the hitch rack you use, an extension can create a lot of extra movement. One that tightens in your receiver will reduce this movement, therefore making it safer to use. Excess movement is bad for bikes and increases the probability that something can go wrong.

  • Does Kuat make an extension for the NV™ cable lock?

    Kind of. The standard equipped integrated cable lock for the NV ™is exactly long enough to go through the rear triangle of two bikes. The cable’s length is thoughtfully designed to leave little slack so the lock core cannot slam into your precious bike. You can however add this accessory cable and loop the NV lock through it to add the ability to lock the front wheels as well.

  • Should I lubricate my locks?

    Yes! The locks will arrive lubed from the factory. Each time you lube up your chain, squirt a drop or two in the lock. This will prolong their life and make them easier to use.

  • Should I lubricate my ratchet arms?

    No. Any lubricant that makes contact with the anodized finish may cause damage. All moving parts for the ratchet arm are internal arrive greased from the factory.

  • Are the racks Class I rated?

    Yes! All Kuat™ hitch racks are approved for use on Class I hitch receivers.

  • Does Kuat make any ski/snowboard racks?

    Stay tuned!

  • Can I use a Bike Cover/Rain Cover with my rack?

    Absolutely not! A cover would create a significant amount of wind resistance. The extra resistance would increase the strain on your hitch rack.

  • Can I lock my Trail Doc™?

    No. However, the Trail Doc™ is easily removable. It can be stowed in your trunk or the cabin of your car. If yours gets stolen, give Kuat a call, they will replace it at no charge. Call them at 417.889.5820.

  • Can the Trail Doc™ be added to the Sherpa™?

    No. Again, The NV™ is the only product at present with the built-in Trail Doc™ repair stand.

  • Is there a 2 bike add-on for the Sherpa™?

    No. The NV™ is the most fully-loaded product in the line, and is the only rack that is compatible with The NV Add-On™ option.

  • The pin hole on my 1.25” rack does not line up with my receiver!

    Not a problem! The rack is actually designed this way. The placement of the hole on the shank of your 1.25” rack is low from center. This placement creates a happy median between the two hitch receiver sizes (1.25” and 2”) and their respective pin hole locations. This allows the rack to fit in either a 2” or 1.25” hitch receiver. You must use the provided 3/8” hitch pin with these racks.

  • Do you offer replacement parts?
    Naturally! If you back your rack into a tree, or leave it on when you go through the car wash we are here for you. If you don’t see the part you need listed on the site, or you have any questions at all, call Kuat at 417.889.5820.

  • What is the warranty on the rack?

    Your rack is covered for life by Kuat's No Worries Warranty. If something has happened with your product, give them a call (417.889.5820). You will receive a prompt response & they will work with you to get your problem resolved in the most efficient manner possible. Know that we pride ourselves on our service & we stand behind our products. Our goal is to make the repair of your rack a pleasant experience, no red tape, forms to fill out, etc. This is just another perk of owning a Kuat™. 99% of all requests submitted are repaired with little or no expense to our customer, even some cases where the customer admits fault. (we are your friend!)

  • Can I use a Küat rack on my RV?

    No. Küat racks are not recommended for use on any recreational vehicle. 

  • How do I determine what style of cam system is used on my rack

    The best way to determine the style of cam system that is used in your rack is to look at the lower end shank that is inserted into the hitch. The wedge style cam will have an angled wedge piece that is used for the cam mechanism, and the ball style cam will have a ball bearing for the cam mechanism.

    Please take a look at the image below for more reference.

    K√ľat Cam System

Not handy? Let our techs do it for you. All that we ask is that you get the rack here. We will be happy to service your rack in house. Before you send it in, give us a call so we know your rack is coming & what you would like done.


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