Bike Maintenance 1: Fix-A-Flat is an introductory bicycle maintenance and repair class designed for beginners. We will go over what to do to make sure you don’t find yourself stranded. Class topic will include:

  • Vocabulary-Learning all of the parts of the wheel, types of axles and brakes, and what they do.
  • Key ingredients- Tools and accessories you should have with you when you ride.
  • Learning how to properly maintain inflation levels.
  • How to change tubes on the go.


Location: This class is held in the bike shops at either our Kirkwood, Mo., location or at The Pathfinder in Manhattan, Kan. 
Dates: To see when the class is offered, scroll through the calendar for available dates.
Time:  6 pm
Cost: $15 per person.
Registration: All registration is handled on-line. Once you find the date you would like to attend, click on the date to access the registration system. First, select which location you would like to attend, then select, the class. If you would like to register more than one person for the class after you are finished completing your own information, click “Add Participant” and enter the information for as many participants as you are registering.

Please note: All programs have a minimum and maximum number of participants. If a minimum number is not met, you may be contacted to possibly reschedule your class. If a maximum is met, a waitlist may start for those still interested in attending