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Geocaching Handbook

item # 9781493027910


  • Geocaching is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports of the millennium, combining aspects of treasure hunting, high-tech navigation, and exploration. To get started all you have to do is select a local cache listing from a geocaching Web site, enter the waypoint or coordinates into your GPS unit, and then plot your route to adventure. The Geocaching™ Handbook is your complete introduction to this fascinating outdoor activity.
  • Features:
  • Select a cache listing and begin your hunt for the treasure
  • Buy a GPS receiver and use it to navigate to the cache
  • Create and hide your own cache for others to find
  • Practice backcountry safety and geocaching etiquette
  • Play other geo-games, such as Are U Nuts? and Geodashing
  • Connect with other geocachers through clubs and geo-events
  • Author: Layne Cameron
  • Publisher: Falcon Guides
  • ISBN-10: 0762730447
  • Pages: 128