Dovetail Britty Utility Pants Dark Grey Canvas - Women's

item # DWS19P2C


  • Britt Utility. A work machine. Named for our buddy Britt, a builder who speaks her mind and wastes no time. Britt Utility is a tradeswoman's best friend. Dovetail's most technical pant. Straight leg. Extra pocket power. Articulated knees for mobility. Tool loop. Crotch gusset. Tough cuffs. Short sentences. Clock is ticking. Not here to screw around. Lunch is over. Let's go.
    NOTE: This fabric is thick and may feel somewhat snug at first, but it will relax and soften with wear.
  • Features:
  • Straight leg.Looking good.
  • Mid-rise waist.Let's meet in the middle.
  • 11 pockets.For real.
  • Hip Slot™.Just clip it.
  • Zip pocket.Dont lose your shit.
  • Tool loop.Hammer time.
  • Crotch gusset.Free the squat.
  • Articulated knee.Bend it like Britt.
  • Reinforced knee.Dont blow it.
  • Knee slot. Put a pad in it.
  • Tough cuff.Dont fray the hem.
  • Fabric: 99% Cotton / 1% Spandex
  • Fabric Weight: 11 oz.
  • Heavy-duty stretch duck canvas