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Atomic Shift MNC 10 Binding

item # AD5002066

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  • The problem with backcountry touring with only tech fittings is having to ride downhill without DIN-rated release ratings. That might make you consider not dropping a cliff or taking the line less rowdy, but Atomic's Shift 10 MNC Alpine Touring Binding combines tech fittings with DIN-rated alpine clip-ins so you can skin up with tech and still get a rowdy downhill ride. The Shift requires you to skin in tech mode. Simply flick switches on both the toe and heel pieces to engage the toe's pins and activate the heel's walk mode. In walk mode, the Shift's pins provide the same walking stride and touring efficiency as any tech binding, with a heel riser to assist on the skin track's steeper sections. Without a frame, the Shift only weighs a mere three pounds, which isn't as light as ultralight tech bindings, but certainly lighter than alpine touring bindings and those hybrids with DIN heels and tech toes. After reaching the top of the skin track, you can flick those same switches on the toe and heel pieces to clip back into the binding like it was a regular alpine binding.
  • Features:
  • Versatile ski binding built for backcountry and resort riding
  • Multi-Norm Certified for use with alpine and backcountry ski boots
  • 10 DIN is the softest MNC ski binding from Salomon
  • Carbon-infused construction keeps the weight down
  • Boots with tech fittings are required for using in tour mode
  • Boot Compatibility: tech, AT (ISO 9523), alpine (ISO 5355), Walk to Ride, GripWalk
  • Lowest DIN: 4
  • Highest DIN: 10
  • Heel Lift: Dual heel risers assist with steep skin tracks.
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs