Adventure Medical Mag Striker With Tinder Cord

item # 0140-1242


  • The Survive Outdoors Longer Mag Striker is the all-in-one fire starter that includes the essentials needed for starting a fire: a steel striker, flint rod, and magnesium. The tool is designed with the flint and magnesium rods embedded into the robust handle, meaning your grip will not disappear as you shave off the magnesium, unlike with a traditional magnesium fire starter. The curved edge on the steel scraper is engineered to make scraping a pile of magnesium easier. The straight edge struck against the flint rod acts as your flint and steel, creating a shower of sparks to ignite the magnesium and light your kindling. The Mag Striker makes starting a fire easier, even with cold fingers or in survival situations. A bottle opener is included on the steel striker, so you can relax with a cold beverage once your fire is burning steadily.
  • Features:
  • Emergency fire starter built to live in your pack
  • Integrated ferrocerium flint creates a shower of sparks
  • Durable design lasts for more than 100 fires
  • Robust handle promises a secure grip even with gloves
  • Included tinder cord lanyard provides reliable tinder
  • Material: flint, magnesium, steel