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Road Atlas Adventure Edition


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Item # RD00620166


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  • National Geographics North American Road Atlas, Adventure Edition, is the ideal companion for the next time you hit the road. Includes up-to-date road maps for all 50 U.S. States, plus Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Major cities and metropolitan areas are shown in detail with inset maps that include popular attractions, infrastructure and points-of-interest.
  • Features:
  • This unique Adventure Edition also highlights Americas top 100 adventure destinations, selected by the editors of National Geographic Adventure magazine and discusses the most popular national parks.
  • Mileage charts and approximate driving times between major cities are shown on each State page, as well as in a robust matrix at the back of the book.
  • The North American Road Atlas, Adventure Edition is printed in North America and features a heavy duty spiral binding and clear plastic cover for durability and lay-flat reading.
  • Material: Spiral bound with durable plastic outer shell
  • Pages: 168 pages
  • Size: 11 in x 15 in

Average of 3 customer reviews:

Cam - Staff Review
Columbia, MO
February 2015

Adventure Seeking
5/5 Avg. Product Rating

Age Range: 13-25
Gender: male
How Long Have You Been Using This Product: Less than 1 month
Just purchased this as a general all-purpose road map in my car. I love looking through all the parks within the United States. It will help me out a great deal for planning road trips and what not. But also it will be an excellent tool for when the internet is not readily available. Definitely would recommend this road map.

Liza - Staff Review
Columbia, Missouri
February 2016

Good Atlas for the Car
4/5 Avg. Product Rating

Age Range: 26-34
Gender: female
How Long Have You Been Using This Product: More than 2 years
I bought this atlas to keep in my car. Each state is on a pair of pages so, it gives a great overview of the major roads, and it has come in handy on many a trip. The only down side is that, while it does show campgrounds, it doesn't give info about them or directions which would be helpful but, I can't imagine how many more pages would be needed for the info. If you're planning on camping on your road trip, I recommend using this to see where campgrounds might be on your route but, do some internet searches to find the exact locations and a bit more info. All in all though, a great resource to keep in your car, I highly recommend it!

Ryan R. - Staff
January 2019

Keep one in the car!
5/5 Avg. Product Rating

Age Range: 26-34
Gender: male
I keep a copy of this atlas in my car and it's a great general reference if you're in an area without cell service or just want to know whats nearby but don't know exactly what you're looking for. It's saved me a few times when I've been out of cell service, don't know exactly where I am, and need to get from one point to another!