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Yellow Insoles



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Item # 440


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  • The YELLOW shape and exact heel-to-toe profile match the angled midsole to help stabilize your foot and transfer torque and energy more efficiently. The result is a more comfortable fit with better alignment that can help you drive power through your skates, bike shoes or track spikes.
  • Features:
  • Heel Cup - Features the most accommodating heel cup and can help stabilize and support the foot in the skate or shoe.
  • Biomechanical Shape - A low-profile shape helps to stabilize your foot and improve energy transfer between you and the skates or pedals for greater power, control and comfort.
  • Venting system - The vent holes line up with the perforations in most hockey skates and road cycling shoe outsoles for improved air circulation, breathability and drainage.
  • Superfeet YELLOW insoles are vegan and free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives.
  • Fit Profile: Low - Low-profile insole with a shape that can fit most footwear with an elevated heel 1 inch or more.
  • Fits Best In: Low Volume - All types of footwear with an elevated heel including hockey skates, bike shoes and track spikes.

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Angie- Staff Review
Kirkwood, MO
September 2015

Great for Cycling Shoes, or Cowboy Boots
5/5 Avg. Product Rating

Age Range: 35-44
Gender: female
How Long Have You Been Using This Product: More than 2 years
I got my first pair of these a few years ago. I was having a hard time while riding my bike, I was trying to get used to new clip in pedals on my bike. I felt like one of my knees was going straight up and down and the other was going outward. After I put a pair into my cycling shoes, it was like day from night. Cycling was way easier! I vote yes!