Swiss Army Brands Sizing

Q. How can I identify my knife as Victorinox?
A. You can tell you have a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife by looking at the base on the shank of the largest blade, it will say Victorinox.

Q. How do I care for my knife?
A. You should regularly clean and oil your knife to ensure that it functions properly. You can also easily sharpen the knife yourself with a sharpening stone.

Q. What is the makeup of steel?
A. All Victorinox knives are high carbon, stainless, first grade, A-quality stainless steel, x 50 CrMo. They are tempered to a 55-56 HRC hardness for optimum edge retention.

Q. Where is the toothpick and Straight pin located in your Swiss Army knives?
A. The toothpick is located on one end of the scales on the outside right beside the corkscrew. The straight pin can be found by pulling open the corkscrew and then look straight down where the corkscrew is attached at the base and you will see the head of the pin showing on the edge of the red scales inside.

Q. How do I sharpen my blade?
A. You can sharpen using a whetstone at an angle of 15° - 20°. This will result in a cutting angle of 30° - 40°. If sharpening on a grinding wheel, always cool with plenty of water to avoid excessive temperatures.

Q. What is the purpose of the hook on my Swiss Army knife?
A. It is also called a parcel carrier, in which you put the string of a parcel on the hook instead of your hand to make transportation that much easier

Q. Is Swiss Flash drive interchangeable?
A. Yes - any Victorinox Swiss Army drive will fit the body of your knife both MB and GB.

Q. How do I care for wood handles?
A. Do not put in the dishwasher. Hand wash and dry right away. Use oil to condition the wood - linseed oil works well.

Q. Which metal handled knives can be engraved?
A. The alox or stainless handled knives will have an engraving panel in which to engrave on, located on the opposite side of the shield. The large blade on all of our knives can also be engraved for personalization

Q. How do I install the spring in my Swiss Army Knife?
A.  Please click here for instruction and diagrams on how to install your new scissor spring.  You can follow these instructions when replacing a large or a small scissor spring. 

Q. What oil should I use for my Swiss Army Knife? 
A. When selecting knife oil, various properties need to be taken into account, including the legal provisions relating to the food safety. Some oils intended for pocket knives do not provide satisfactory lubrication or may even prevent the knife working properly (causing it to stick, for example). The main features of this multi-purpose oil are: neutral odor and taste, highly resistant to ageing, good wear and corrosion protection qualities, suitable for use with food.  We highly reccommend using our multi-tool oil. 

Q. Do pouches have warranties?
A.  No, our pouches are not warranty as they are subject to wear.

Q. Do USB or Swiss Cards have a warranty?
A. Our USB’s have a warranty for two years with a proof of purchase against any defects; please contact 800-442-2706 if you are having issues with your device. Our Swiss Card case has a warranty for one year after purchase with a receipt.


Q. How do I take care of Victorinox Swiss Army cutlery - Can they be put into the dishwasher?
A. We do not recommend that the knives go into the dishwasher. The heat and the agitation are harmful to fine knives and can scratch the inside of your dishwasher. Rosewood handled knives are all natural products. They should be hand washed, wiped and dried after each use. They will weather naturally over time. 

Q. How do I use a sharpening steel?
A. Hold the steel in your left hand and the knife in your right hand, with the cutting edge toward you. Lay the blade on top of the steel, then raise the back of the knife 20 degrees. Note how this angle looks and feels, it should be maintained throughout the steeling procedure. Now, place the heel of the blade at the tip of the steel. Using light pressure, draw the edge across the steel in a sweeping, curved motion until the tip of the blade points toward the handle and guard of the steel. Imagine yourself cutting into the steel as if you were shaving off a thin slice. Next, position the blade under the steel and repeat the stroke to sharpen the other edge bevel. Always give each side an equal number of strokes and always maintain the 20 degree angle. We also have hand held sharpeners available on our website in our Cutlery section, this hand held device only requires two swipes of the blade through the sharpener to re-sharpen the edge of your blade.

Q. What about the edge you are famous for?
A. All of our kitchen and professional cutlery are professionally conical ground on the full length of the blade, as well as crosswise. This unique taper grinding provides optimum edge shape for sharpness and minimal resistance while cutting. All edges are tested by laser to ensure optimum cutting power and durability.

Q. What does NSF mean on the blade?
A. The NSF mark is a certification of quality assurance and hygienic design. The National Sanitation Foundation mark is proudly carried on all our blades with a fibrox or nylon handle and assures you of quality and assurance to use in a commercial environment. Look for this mark. Realize that most manufacturers do not carry this seal!  

Q. What is the warranty for cutlery products?
A. Victorinox products carry a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's defects. Should your product be damaged or need repair, please click here. We will examine the condition of the product, acknowledge receipt and provide an estimate as requested. If your cutlery knife needs replacement there is a $10.00 replacement fee upon shipment of the replacement item.

Q. What is the purpose of each section of a knife?
Click here to view a diagram that shows the anatomy of a knife. 

Q.What materials go into Victorinox Swiss Army Knives to make them so high quality?

Click here to see an overview of what our knives are made of and what tests they need to pass.

Q. How do you clean your Victorinox Swiss Army knife

Click here for detailed instructions on how to properly clean your swiss army cutlery

Q. How do I resharpen my knife?

Click here for an overview on how to properly sharpen your swiss army cutlery