Flight Jacket - Women`s

 Flight Jacket - Women's

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  • A marvel in design and a revolution in luxury, the KUHL Flight Jacket will astound your sense of style. Built with 100% premium mid-wieght polyester fleece for soft, luxurious, performance. Warm luxurious Italian two-toned fleece with a soft plush feel with two-toned threads for depth of colour. A radically well designed hood zippers out for warmth and beauty. From the open cockpit of a vintage bi-plane to the cockpit of your late model Mini the Flight Jacket is your trusty co-pilot.
  • Features:
  • 100% premium mid-weight polyester fleece
  • Two-tone for greater depth and color
  • Zip out hood
  • Four zip pockets
  • Signature K�hl thumb loops
  • Easy care