Equinox GT Fiberglass - Red/Smoke

 Equinox Gt Fiberglass - Red/Smoke

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  • The Equinox GT is the new, smaller sister to the Solstice GT. Targeting smaller paddlers and shorter distances, the Equinox GT delivers wonderful glide, tracking and maneuverability. A perfect kayak for after work cruises and long weekends. The Equinox GT features a secure key-hole cockpit and modest volume storage hatches allowing comfort even when traveling light.
  • Features:
  • Composite Seam
  • Current Designs Rudder - Durable foiled blade, foot-controlled rudder creates steering efficiency and offers superior control in windy conditions
  • Dimension Adjustable Seat Back - A fully articulating height/angle adjustable back rest. This dynamic combination createsthe most comfortable and ergonimically functional seating system ever seen.
  • Sea-lect Designs Foot Brace
  • North American design: Emphesis on speed, acceleration, comfort, capacity and often (but not always) accompanied by a rudder
  • Fish form: Widest point is in front of the center. narrower stern improves responsiveness and precision in rough water
  • Shallow V hull: Keel line runs through the entirety of the hull, providing improved tracking
  • Soft Chine: Predictable and smooth edge transitions. This allows you to edge at any angle for pinpoint control
  • Key hole cockpit: Built in thigh braces provide contact for better control. Also allows spray skirts to fit tightly for a dry ride
  • ***Pick-up in store only. Product shipment is not available for kayaks, sorry! If you`re a local and must have a boat delivered, give us a call at 314-962-7715 or email us at customercare@alpineshop.com to see if we can work out a solution for you.***