Light Expedition Rugged Crew - Men`s

 Light Expedition Rugged Crew - Men's

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  • Add extra comfort to your stride with the all new FITS Light Expedition Rugged Crew. This breathable and comfortable sock is sure to compliment your foot wear with great ease. Crafted with wool, nylon, polyester, and LYCRA, the FITS Light Expedition Rugged Crewis guarantee to be a perfect fit. Ideal to pair with any sport wear. Help your feet stay comfortable with the amazing FITS Light Expedition Rugged Crew.
  • Features:
  • Mid Calf Height, Light Weight
  • Lightweight breathable construction
  • Comfortable flat knit durable toe seam
  • Engineered with Full Contact FIT giving you the perfect fit in all dynamic situations
  • Stay up comfort top
  • Fully cushioned sole
  • Reinforced heel and toe