Scribe Binding - Women`s

 Scribe Binding - Women's

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  • Sitting at the sweet spot between power and playfulness, itÕs like the laid-back cousin of the Lexa yet not quite as soft as the Stiletto. Offered in two versions, choose the across-the-board compatibility of Re:Flex™ or the ultimate flex and feel of EST® and embrace the ScribeÕs playful package. No matter which one you choose, youÕll experience more underfoot flex than any competitor binding, plus cloud-like cushioning to soften every inch of the mountain. Advanced hi-back tech hugs your boots for flexible control without compromising power, and reversible ankle straps let you customize your connection for park-friendly mobility or freeride support.
  • Features:
  • Single-Component Baseplate Construction
  • Re:Flex™ Baseplate Construction
  • Re:Flex™ Bindings
  • Single-Component Hi-Back Construction
  • Canted Hi-Back Design: This ergonomic design follows the natural contours of your left and right legs to maximize control and comfort
  • Living Hinge™: This exclusive technology eliminates hardware and weight, and allows you to adjust your Forward Lean and hi-back rotation independently
  • DialFLAD™: the higher the Forward Lean angle on your hi-backs, the quicker your heel-edge turns. Crank Õem forward for icy hits in the pipe like Danny does, or back Õem off for jibbing like Keegan
  • Women`s-Specific True Fit™ Design
  • Superstrap™ and Primo Capstrap™
  • Smooth Glide Buckle Technology
  • Re:Flex FullBED Cushioning System