Waxing Iron

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  • This is a great hot wax iron for home tuners that will fit nearly anyone`s budget.
  • Features:
  • A hefty 3/8`-thick aluminum base that measures 4 1/4x 5 3/4...so it`s large enough to span most skis in one pass, or snowboards in 2 side-by-side passes.
  • Temperature is adjustable from 212F to 320F (100C to 160C).
  • The iron warms up to optimal operating temperature in 5 minutes, and features a heating element that fluctuates only +/- 5*C.
  • Temperatures are printed in Celcius on the dial, not a big deal as most waxes have both Celcius and Farenheit printed on the label, a conversion chart is included in the box.