UnderDog PFD- Dog`s

 Underdog Pfd- Dog's

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  • An ergonomically designed buoyancy aid for the swimming canine. With 90% of the flotation in the water under the chest and neck, the UnderDog aids the natural swim angle of the dog. Traditional dog vests pull the body into a horizontal position but with the UnderDog the rear is allowed to sink lower than the forelegs. This frees the hind legs to swim more efficiently, while the neck is supported so that the head rides higher above the water line. It works with your dog so they are less fatigued after a long swim.
  • Features:
  • Four adjustment points, ventilated mesh across the back and an adjustable mesh bridge between the collar and the body help ensure great fit and comfort
  • Two body straps, a neck strap, and a chest strap can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of dogs, including hard-to-fit bull dogs and other barrel-chested breeds.
  • Two grab handles provide even lift distribution, and are designed to support the full weight of a wet dog.
  • The neck handle doubles as a handy leash attachment point.
  • Generous reflective trim on the body and the neck provides added visibility when in the water or running around the parking lot.
  • Tough Cordura fabric protects the belly from rough ground cover.