Wizard Soundtouch Xtreme Glove - Women`s

 Wizard Soundtouch Xtreme Glove - Women's

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  • Soundtouch™ touchscreen control gloves, so you don`t have to take them off on frigid days to call, text, and google to your heart`s content. Xtreme All Weather protection keeps your hands warm and dry in all conditions, plus the wicking inserts keep your hands from clamming up. A slimmer fit makes dexterity all the easier so you don`t hit `reply all` if you don`t want to.
  • Features:
  • 100% waterproof/breathable glove, seams not taped
  • Warmest, driest, most comfortable lightweight glove
  • The Xtreme series is built to fit like a second skin
  • Thumbs and index fingers have a special material on them that lets you operate any touch-screen device without taking the gloves off
  • Xtreme waterproof, breathable inserts keep your hands dry in wet winter weather
  • PVC palms ensure you have a good grip on your smartphone
  • Seirus SoundTouch&trade Hyperlite&trade All Weather gloves have stretchy cuffs that keep cold air out