Children`s PFD - Kids`

 Children's Pfd - Kids `

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  • A carefully tailored cut makes this Children`s PFD fit comfortably enough that your youngster will keep it on. The flat collar stays out of the way during playtime but provides amble floatation directly under the head to keep your kids` head out of the water.
  • Features:
  • This PFD is designed for children 30 - 50 lbs that have some swimming knowledge.
  • Softest foam and quick drying fabric assures comfort and excellent fit
  • Active children like how the flatter collar stays out of their way, yet supports the head in water when needed
  • Grab loop designed to hold the full weight of a wet child, and under body strap keeps them in securely when lifting out of the boat or the water
  • Easy-to-use #10 nylon-tooth front zipper and nylon crotch and waist straps with side-release buckles secure PFD comfortably, preventing ride-up