PlatyPreserve Wine Storage 800ml

 Platypreserve Wine Storage 800ml


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  • Glass wine bottles are often impractical for backpacking, ski touring, or getting a little boozy at your favorite blues concert. Transport your wine inside the packable Platypus PlatyPreserve, and protect its taste at the same time. Pour your favorite wine into this 5.5 inch by 10.5 inch reservoir, squeeze the air out (air ruins flavor), and seal the airtight cap. Now you can enjoy that just-opened taste days, and even weeks later... and slip past concert security undetected.
  • Features:
  • Extends the life of your wine
  • Minimizes oxygen exposure
  • Air tight reservoir to truly protect the taste
  • Collapsible container offers an easy, light-weight alternative to pack
  • Select materials ensure superior leak protection and provide zero taste transfer