Light Hiker Crew Sock - Women`s

 Light Hiker Crew Sock - Women's

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  • These light hikers are cushioned from heel to toe and feature a deep heel pocket with cross stretch so you can hike comfortably all day. These crew length socks are made of Merino wool blend to wick moisture and regulate temperature.
  • Features:
  • Dynamic Toe Cup - contours to the shape of your toes
  • Heel Lock - super deep heel pocket with ample cross stretch locks the sock on your heel
  • Full Contact Cuff - stays in place due to a tighter ankle and looser calf (proper gradience)
  • Crew Length just below calf
  • Lightweight design with cushioning only on the bottom of your foot
  • Double-welted top so the sock always stays up and doesn�t bind or slip.
  • Color-coded seam on toe so you wont forget your size.