Mountain Liner Bib Short - Men`s

 Mountain Liner Bib Short - Men's

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  • You might say that you love your pack, but the massive sweat stain on your back says otherwise. It`s time that you carry your trail essentials in the most logical manner possibleƑcarry them with the Mountain Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT™. With them, Specialized was able to create a patent-pending design that houses five integrated SWAT™ pockets on the shorts themselves. The pockets sit flush against the body, and they`re shaped and structured to ensure that their contents won`t ever come bouncing out. Additionally, the pockets vary in size and location, which means that you`ll always have a perfectly shaped pocket for your big and small items, alike.
  • As for the shorts, they designed them to stand on their own, not literally, but in the sense that you`d love wearing them with or without the nifty pockets. To do so, they made them from their beyond lightweight VaporRize™ mesh fabrics for the utmost in comfort and breathability, while the 9.5-inch inseam (size Medium) plays nicely with shorts when you`re layering.
  • For the chamois, you`ll get the fan-favorite Body Geometry Mountain insert that keeps pressure off of soft tissue like nothing else on the market, while also providing enhanced blood flow and plenty of support while in the saddle. We could go even further with medical explanations on why it`s so awesome, but what`s more important to you is that it`s extremely comfortable.
  • Features:
  • VaporRize™ mesh fabrics are extremely cool, comfortable, and lightweight, while creating a dual benefit of being highly effective at moisture wicking and evaporation.
  • Five integrated SWAT™ pockets (patent-pending construction) house all of your trail essentials, putting everything you need right where you want it.
  • Fold-over leg cuff prevents pinching and discomfort by providing an even, low-volume, and compressive fit over the leg.
  • Body Geometry Mountain chamois adds unrivaled comfort by strategically removing pressure on nerves and soft tissue.
  • 9.5 in. inseam (size Medium)