Smythy Long Sleeve - Men`s

 Smythy Long Sleeve - Men's

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  • The unexpected has its appeal Ð especially when itÕs delivered in lightweight 100% organic cotton. Our SpaceDye fabric updates the look of traditional plaids with spaceÐdyed yarns that dart through the weave in unÐprogrammable, unpredictable ways, creating a handcrafted textile effect. Other Smythy details Ð such as a button on the center back collar, button chest pockets with an engineerÐworthy pen slot and a split back yoke with box pleat Ð are all part of the pleasant surprise.
  • Features:
  • Button at back of collar
  • ButtonÑthrough patchedÑon chest pockets, one with penslot detail
  • Seamed back yoke with box pleat
  • Rounded hem with side gusset