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Groove Life Thin Air Serenity Stackable Ring - Pearl Mauve Stone

item # R9-112

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  • That moment on a summer evening when the sun is slipping from view and everything is just right... Interwoven braids of deep stone and pearl surround the soft mauve inner ring to create the perfect combination of color and texture.
  • Features:
  • Whether youre a fierce mama or youre flying solo, this set of three rings will add some subtle color.
  • Just like Groove's other rings, even their stackable rings have breathable inner grooves to allow air in and moisture out, giving you the perfect mix of style and comfortability perfect for any season.
  • When you first wear this ring it may feel stiff. No worries. These rings have a break-in-period and will soften after a week of wear.
  • 1. STACK THEM OR MIX THEM - Three gorgeous rings give you options for that perfect combo!
  • 2. MAX BREATHABILITY - Inner Grooves allow air in and moisture out with a specially designed contour to give you maximum breathability and performance.
  • 3. PREMIUM MATERIALS - Perfect Design with unique medical-grade materials for undeniable quality beyond any silicone ring that came before. In a class of its own. Width: 2.5mm or 3/32 in. Thickness: 2mm or 5/64 in.
  • 4. ANTI-CHAD - Proven to allow 99% less Chad... unless your husbands name is Chad... then, we cant save you.
  • Materials: Medical Grade Elastomer Blend
  • Width: 3/16 in
  • Thickness: 5/16 in