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Damascus Low Hike - Men`s


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Item # 9794


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  • The Damascus socks are designed to help you reach new heights and this version is no different, only in a low-cut style. The Low-cut Damascus has the same foot design as the Damascus Crew featuring targeted cushioning comfort and unique ventilation. The low-cut Damascus is designed for runners and hikers who prefer low-cut socks or anybody who wants to experience Damascus comfort in a more casual silhouette.
  • Features:
  • U.S. Merino Wool - Merino wool is soft, itch-free, naturally odor- and bacteria-resistant, cool in the summer and warm in winter. We source our 100% U.S. grown merino wool exclusively from sheep raised by American farmers on American farms.
  • Hidden Nylon Plaiting - Advanced construction that sandwiches stretch yarns between two layers of body yarn, hidden nylon plaiting creates a smooth exterior and a low-profile fit that is ideal for technical and sport socks. A side benefit of this modern knitting technique is its ability to incorporate complex patterns, open-weave zones, and intricate designs for increased performance and extra style.
  • Targeted Cushion Zone - Found primarily in our Snow Sport and Technical Hike series, targeted cushioning adds shock-absorbing loop knit at key impact areas of foot, shin & calf depending on designed use. Targeted cushioning helps reduce impact from activities like skiing and hiking while providing a better fit for ski boots and low-volume shoes.
  • Seamless Toe Closure - Advanced knitting techniques create a totally flat connection in the toe box, reducing bulk and eliminating blister-generating friction.
  • Comfort Compression - Circumferential compression from the top of the sock through the arch creates a precise, comfortable fit that helps support the foot throughout the day.
  • Durability Assured - Reinforced construction and low-stress seam placement reduce wear and tear, increasing the life of the sock
  • Fabric: 54% US Nylon, 43% US Merino Wool, 3% US LYCRA Spandex
  • Height: Low-Cut
  • Cushion: Full-Density Cushioning - Full-density cushioning features a terry knit loop on every interior stitch, providing better insulation, exceptional wicking, and increased protection against impact. Its faster moisture absorption keeps the skin dry and reduces friction, while its shock-absorbing nature enhances the performance of multi-sport and outdoor socks.

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Andrew B Manhattan Staff
Manhattan KS
October 2020

well balanced cushion
5/5 Avg. Product Rating

Age Range: 13-25
Gender: male
How Long Have You Been Using This Product: 1-3 months
My favorite part about this sock is the targeted cushion and flat seemed toe! It makes it feel like the sock is a part of my foot with some additional cushioning. I think this is well dialed in for three season use but may be slightly warm for a hot summer day. The first time I used this sock was on a casual gravel ride, the day brought some mist as well as some chilly wind and my feet stayed nice and warm! I think this sock is worth the price as it is a well blended Merino wool sock. The Merino allows for breathability and warmth while the nylon allows for longevity and durability. I really enjoy Farm To Feet as a brand as they use all U.S. materials and manufacturing and always have a sustainable outlook!